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re the secrets of the thunderbolt, find the divine solution. Dark sky, cloud electricity long grass in the flash, although not like just so crazy fiercely, but still very terrible, especially near came more scary. Thunder light rattling, let a person cannot open the eyes, watching in such a close distance, let people numb. All my hair on. Little immediately scream, saying: send the door to lightning, I how so miserably! Don't yell, felt that a wisp of destruction in pre. gnant life! Lei zu. A little pitiful, omega replica watches staring. Look at the terrible thunder, careful liver plop jumping, it omega replica watches is very nervous, a get bad spirit all out. After the storm, there is a strange smell of this dark cloud, it is the power of life, bred in the thunder. Once it touches, it omega replica watches is bound to make the power of destruction. Carefully, don't make mistakes. Mu Yan tao. In the destruction of the newborn, in the thunderstorm. A bit of raw gas flow, small eyes, and finally have . a sense, he did not reach that level. Not understanding omega replica watches the rules. But it can capture, perceive these. omega replica watches There! He uses his fingers to the front. Bang. An electro-optical falls, thick and very, directly will be two people drowned. Ah. A little scream. Is Lei Zu also whole body shaking, mouth haemorrhage, he is under most of the thunder, stand in front of the little body, suffered a trauma. I know, you go down. Mu Yan tao. While being hit, but now everything goes smoothly,.

the perception to that a wisp of vitality, than Lei Zu oneself fumble, risked his life to search the strong. This year, omega replica watches he spent countless time and effort to get a drop of liquid. The cost of mine robbery, can not imagine. In comparison, today is really smooth. He left a cheap omega replica watches omega replica watches little, let him fall, and then turned toward the clouds, to meet the attack. Take care of! A little fall, holding their own cut by Golden Dragon Jiao, evacuation distance after loud reminder. You stand. back! His hair is phlogistic mu, Zhang, rushed into the thunder, suddenly suffered a blow, and lightning flaming. Good horror! Is not a small snack shudder, Lei Zu carefully prepared a Jersey immediately fell apart, and then transformed into the rob ash, the power of the natural world is terrible. He was omega replica watches father of thunder light, into the light ray, immediately covered Juzhen unceasingly, here was a hit. However, he died at the age of Xilei method, this feeling is quite.

deep, not always out of his thunder, Ying Han, will guide the sid omega replica watchese electricity long grass. However, the nine days Thunder have spiritual, rapid culling, a moment like the waves like a raging, he upset, whole body all play Zhan unceasingly. Mu Yan color, once again experience what the test of life and death, into the lightning, equal to step into the hellish abyss, the duel between the monastic or not, but the real Tianwei! Boom! A piece of lightning fall, will he split. the mouth spit blood, whole body charred, even on weekdays to control lightning, proficient omega replica watches in the treasure was not, in front of the genuine Tianwei, bear. Thunder like a waterfall, pouring down from the top down, submerged Mu Yan, he shake the body, oronasal hemorrhage, the treasure dress has been transformed into the omega replica watches rob gray, under pain of doom. Senior! A little scared, it's too hard, is frequently be smashed to pieces. Mu Yan insists that control a treasure, toward.

the front to, shouts at runes woven. He wanted to omega replica watches refining the thunder of the sea, capture that a wisp of vitality, extracted the thunder robs liquid. ! Lei Zu was again hit the body, broken, charred, constantly coughing up blood, not spit in thunder light. Small can not bear to witness, that clouds, thunder, omega replica watches the next step forward in the case of a step forward, constantly hit, it is a place of destruction, no matter how powerful people, the face of Print-Rite has becom. e thin and weak. But he'd fall down, stand up again, driving omega replica watches out treasure, always moving forward, to refining here.